Developing Website Content

Collectively, website content is comprised of the files, images, audio and other resources presented to visitors of your website.

What is the Purpose of Your Website?

Before you can decide how  to get your small business online, you first need to ask what  do I want to accomplish in setting up a website for my business?

Once you know what you want to accomplish with your website, only then should you really pursue developing website content.

Common Types of Websites Used by Small Businesses

Informational Websites are Great Marketing Tools


  • Allow visitors to find information on a particular topic; in this case, your business.
  • Are not typically updated with any regularity after they have been developed.
  • Primarily consist of Static Web Pages due to infrequent changes.

Ideal candidates for informational websites would be service based businesses that want an easy way for their customers to find out more about the business, the owners, the employees, the company's community involvement, or whatever news you'd like to share.

Developing Informational Websites

Blogs and CMSs Are a Great Way to Engage Your Visitors


  • Allow for a more interactive and engaging user experience made possible by Dynamic Content
  • Enable users to manage images, videos, and other media so it can be integrated into a web page or blog post

Ideal candidates for blogging solutions or content management systems would be business owners that want a way to share information, blog posts, pictures, art, music, tangible goods, and services of any sort!

Implement a Blog or CMS

Selling Online with Hosted eCommerce Solutions

  • Give you a quick and user friendly way to create an online store.
  • Allow you to sell physical or digital goods and services
  • Integrate with numerous payment processors
  • Key benefits include CRM features such as email marketing, abandoned cart reporting, and coupon codes

Ideal candidates for eCommerce solutions are those that may or may not have a physical storefront, but would like sell physical or digital products online.

eCommerce Solutions