Want to Install WordPress on Your Free Web Hosting Trial?

Step by step instructions on how to install WordPress on your SmarterAsp.net free web hosting trial. I walk you through, from start to finish, how to get WordPress installed. What are you waiting for?

Install WordPress on SmarterAsp.net with "1 Click"

"1 Click" isn't technically  a correct term. But trust me, these few mouse clicks save you a ton of configuration headaches, trial and error, and set up time in general. What follows are thorough instructions detailing how to install WordPress on SmarterAsp.net web hosting accounts.

The instructions that follow assume you've already set up a free web hosting trial account with SmarterAsp.net. If you haven't done so yet, go ahead and sign up now. It's OK, I'll wait. =)

  1. Visit the SmarterAsp.net website, and log in to the administrative dashboard. You will be redirected to your Dashboard.
  2. Log into your Website’s control panel by clicking the button named Control Panel. Image Text
  3. You are taken to the My Websites page. In the top navigation bar, press the Apps Installer button. Image Text
  4. When the page loads, the first app you will see is WordPress. Don’t worry if the version number you see is different from what the picture below shows. We’ll address that soon. Image Text
  5. Now, press the Install button. Image Text
  6. Confirm your installation by pressing the Next button. Image Text
  7. You are asked where you want install WordPress. By default, the temporary domain name that was assigned to you will be selected, as pictured below. Make sure your temporary url is chosen, then press Next. Image Text
  8. If you want, you can change the name of your database. Leaving the database name alone is what I usually do. However, you must enter a database password - this is used to allow your WordPress website to connect to the database that stores your website data. Image Text Make note of the password you enter for future reference.
  9. Press Next.
  10. You are asked, one final time, if you are sure you want to proceed. Please make sure this folder is EMPTY before installation begins! Anything that you might have uploaded already will be lost! Image Text
  11. A series of messages will display informing you of the progress. Upon successful completion of the installation, you will see the following message. Image Text
  12. Just after the Install Result, you will be presented with detailed login information so you can log into your WordPress website and get it set up to your liking. Image Text
  13. Make sure to take note of the above information and store it in a safe place, as suggested.
  14. Press the Application URL link. You will see a web page similar to what is pictured. Image Text

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed WordPress using your SmarterASP.net Control Panel.

It may not look like much yet, but soon enough you’ll be blogging away!

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