3dcart — Complete Hosted eCommerce Solution


Founded in 1997, 3dcart has steadily climbed the ranks of eCommerce solutions to become one of the most popular selling platforms on the market. With over 17,000 vendors operating through 3dcart, they provide an affordable feature rich interface that is both reliable and easy to navigate.

3dcart facilitates their clients in providing a secure, engaging shopping experience, regardless of technical expertise and ability.

Product Features

Store Setup

With an extensive range of Youtube video tutorials covering every aspect of the interface, establishing an online store has never been easier. From quick start guides demonstrating how to set up a 3dcart store, to in depth webinars offering advice on getting the most out of the 3dcart features, the online tutorials ensure that both novices and experts can reap the full range of benefits from their 3dcart accounts.

In addition to the video tutorials, there is a free downloadable instruction manual, as well as a monitored forum where vendors can avail of support and guidance from fellow users, as well as 3dcart staff.

For total ease of setup, 3dcart sells a Store Setup Package under their webmaster service. This gives users the option of having their store built by a 3dcart employee. The setup package includes 10 webmaster tasks which cover the entire setup process from inventory uploads to end-to-end test orders.

Payment Processing

3dcart supports integrated payment solutions for over 100 international payment processing methods, including credit card providers such as Skrill, Sage, Realex and Authorize.net. Also supported are digital wallet providers such as Pay with Amazon, Paypal, Worldpay and Bitpay.

3dcart does not charge any extra transaction fees.

As a PCI certified solution provider, 3dcart meets all global financial security requirements for payment processing solutions. Token technology is also supported from major providers, giving users the scope to offer a 'recurring order' and ‘card on file’ feature safely.

Marketing and SEO Tools

3d cart offers a wide range of built-in marketing tools at no added cost. Advanced CRM features allow sellers to engage with their customers on a number of levels. Hassle-free management of mailing lists makes sending newsletters an effortless task, and users can also set a specific demographic to target with email campaigns.

The Marketing Checklist is the perfect resource for marketing novices, providing all the key information needed to start promoting to the people who matter.

3dcart stores are automatically optimized for search engine recognition, making every aspect of their shops SEO friendly. The built-in blogging content management system allows sellers to enhance their store visibility to search engines by publishing keyword rich posts directly from their accounts.

The online Store Manager has a section dedicated entirely to SEO tools and settings. Using this dashboard, all SEO settings can be controlled and edited, including the sitemap, redirects, and meta tags. The Social Links feature enables users to link their 3dcart store with their social media accounts, helping to enforce a strong sense of brand identity. There is also an integrated Google Analytics option.

Bandwidth, Disk Space and SSL Certificate

Bandwith is limited depending on price plan. Allowances go from 1GB monthly on the Nano Plan up to the High Traffic Plus Plan which offers 250GB of monthly data. Regardless of plan, if the monthly limit is exceeded, a charge of $5 per additional GB of data applies. Disk space is unlimited across all plans.

Every 3d cart account comes with a shared SSL certificate at no additional cost.

Technical Support

3dcart offers 24 / 7 support from USA based expert advisors. Tech support is accessed by a ticket system, or directly via phone or live chat, and is available across the board regardless of price plan.

Guidance is also offered through a large database of articles and videos, as well as a forum monitored by 3dcart staff and populated by a community of seasoned 3dcart users.

Additional advice and information can be found on social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Special Features

Their POS app gives the added functionality of selling in person, meaning vendors never miss out on the opportunity to close that sale, no matter where they are.

3dcart stores can be synced with eBay and Amazon accounts, allowing the user to manage all their selling accounts from one place, hassle free.

Design Considerations

There are over 50 free templates to choose from, as well as an impressive selection of premium templates. Themes are fully customizable, allowing sellers to tweak their store to match their brand identity.

Templates work across all platforms, automatically resizing to adapt to the size of the device being used. This offers a consistent, trouble free customer user experience.

Third party themes can also be used.

Customer Experience

As one of the leading eCommerce solution platforms, 3dcart is reliable and secure.

The comprehensive product listing options give total control over adding and editing inventory, meaning customers have an engaging, positive experience that will increase the likelihood of repeat business.

The added feature of Category Filters permits the seller to create a store that is easily navigated with faceted search capabilities, enriching customer experience.

3dcart offers both a 3 page checkout and a single page checkout option; the checkout process can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs.

3dcart users love the fact that it is so easy to set up their stores, even for computer novices. The extensive range of features is also a hot selling point.

Despite claiming to provide an excellent standard of customer support, there have been a number of complaints online regarding negative customer service experiences, with agents being slow to respond and unhelpful.