Buying a Domain Name for Your Business' Website

Domain names can be thought of as a way to find your website, and the information it contains.

Top Level Domains

Domain names are suffixed with a top level domain (TLD). Amongst the most prevalent TLDs are .com, .net, and .org. There are literally hundreds of top level domains from which to choose.

Availability of Domain Names

To date, there have been approximately 299 million domain names registered. With so many domain names having been registered, chances are your preferred domain name is amongst them.

Choosing a Domain Name

Finding the right domain name might prove to be a time intensive endeavor, so you might want brainstorm a list of several options and alternatives.

I've compiled the key points of an outstanding blog post  by Just Add Content that explores several important considerations.

Considerations when Choosing Your Domain Name

Type the web address below and press Go!, or open up a new browser window and type the URL into the address bar.

The more specific the domain name, the greater the chances it'll be available.

Domain name relevancy to the content of your website is an important ranking factor for search engines.

Shorter domain names are easier to remember, and easier to type into browsers. Of course, shorter domain names aren't always better.

When possible, give preferences to .com TLDs. They are typically seen as being more authoritative, however .net, and .org are sufficient if your preferred .com domain name is unavailable.

There's a perception that domain names using TLDs such as .biz, .blog, .info, .ninja, etc. are not as reputable.

Purchasing the Domain Name


Typically registering a domain name, you have the option to do so in increments of 12 months. Some registrars may even offer you a discount if you pay for multiple years in advance.


Most registrars offer an opt-in feature to automatically renew your domain name for you.

Rather than risk losing your domain name, I recommend you enable auto-renewal. Save yourself from future frustrations and hassle.

Purchasing an Existing Domain Name

This will be a very time intensive and expensive endeavor. Unless you have a large budget, the domain name is critical to your company's brand, and you are willing to invest the time to purchase the domain name, it's probably best to look for a different one.

WHOis Records

When domain names are registered, it is required that administrative contact information be collected and made publicly available. This information is known as a WHOis record.

As you might suspect, the act of searching for such information is called performing a WHOis search.

WHOis and Your Privacy

Fortunately, virtually any registrar you purchase your domain name from will offer you some sort of anonymity service for a few more dollars a month.

If you opt for this service, your registrar's information will be listed in the WHOis record, and they will relay any messages to you.

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