Informational Websites

Informational websites are effective and reasonably priced solutions that allow visitors to find information about your business.

After informational websites have been developed, they typically are not updated with any regularity. For this reason, the simplest option when creating informational websites would be to just create static html pages.

Get a Jumpstart by Using Website Templates

High quality website templates are typically inexpensive, with the higher end templates costing a few hundred of dollars.

Below are some of the positives and some of the negatives you should know about if you're considering purchasing website templates.

Positives of Purchasing Website Templates

  • Speed — You'll save several hours of your own time, and likely up to hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Professional, polished appearance — Templates can be viewed in action before you buy it.
  • Choices — 1000s of website templates for you to choose from.

Negatives of Purchasing Website Templates

  • Not Exclusive — The fact that you can buy a website template, means that others can too.
  • Learning Curve — You will still need to figure out how to personalize the template without introducing flaws.

Coding Your Own Website

I personally would not recommend that you code your own website from scratch. Learning about the technologies involved is very time consuming.

Regardless, you still might find it helpful to know a little about the web development and design, so here's some useful resources.

Not for you? How about...

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