3 Tips to Create Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

One of the best ways to get click thrus to your blog post is to create attention grabbing blog titles.

When you are running a blog, regardless of the topic, one of your main goals is to have as many people reading what you have written as possible. One way you can accomplish this is by making sure that you have an attention grabbing blog title.

Attention grabbing blog titles

Here are a few tips to help you create a blog title that will have your readers excited to read what you have written.

Use Numbers in Blog Titles

Using a number in your blog title is highly recommended if you want you grab hold of the attention of your readers. Using a number in a blog title has shown to be very successful as it shows readers that there are clear steps to reach their desired goal.

Rather than spelling out the numbers, use the number itself. The title Three Tips to Create Attention Grabbing Blog Titles doesn't stand out nearly as much as 3 Tips to Create Attention Grabbing Blog Titles. Wouldn't you agree?

This makes them much more likely to take action on what information that you have provided them with in you blog post.

Keep a List of Titles You Like

Keeping a list of titles that have caught your eye is another thing you can do in order to create attention grabbing blog titles. You can use these titles as inspiration for creating your own titles. Keep an ongoing list keep fresh ideas in your mind for new blog post titles.

Deliver What You Promise

You will also want to create interest concerning your blog post. Make sure that your title grabs your reader's attention and that your blog post delivers on what you title has promised. You should try to include the benefit of reading your post somewhere in your title if possible. Also avoid clickbait titles for your blog post titles as people often find them irritating.

In Conclusion

Coming up with attention grabbing blog post titles can seem like a daunting task however if you use a little creativity you will see that it is possible to come up with a title that will have your readers clamoring to read your next blog post!

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