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Gift Card Scam Warning

Gift card scam warning! Emails offering you a gift card in exchange for answering a quick survey are really phishing attempts. Learn how to identify these scams to protect yourself!

CEO Fraud Scam

The Internal Revenue Service has identified a phishing scam, called the CEO Fraud Scam, in which a criminal impersonates a company executive, and subsequently requests that human resources or payroll send over sensitive employee information.

Small Business Search Engine Optimization Guide

Chances are you've heard the term search engine optimization. Unless you happen to be working in the technology sector, you may not know exactly what it is. No worries - I've written you this small business search engine optimization guide to help demystify SEO.

Ransomware Protection and Precaution

Internet thieves have devised yet another creative way to extort money from innocent people. By preying on unsuspecting users, hackers will hold the files on your computer for ransom and demand payment in order to undo the headaches they've caused.